Loving Reviews

Words of gratitude from my super awesome clients.

“I spent most of my time working for people I didn’t like, taking care of people who didn’t care about me, and beating myself up all the while for being dissatisfied and for not wanting more. I had some really fucked up shit happened to me and I tried to gloss over it all with a smile because that’s what I thought strong people did.

Just before I turned 30 last Fall, I took time to evaluate my life, the decisions that led me here, and what I was making of myself. I didn’t love a lot of what I saw. I knew I was uninspired, anxious, stressed, and so SO fearful all the time. I felt no real direction and honestly thought I could never get myself together.

I started eating up all the self-help I could read and learned a lot from some very inspiring spiritual women. Eventually, that led me to working with Ruby. At first it seemed totally crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on my inner well being. It felt nuts, dangerous, irresponsible, and embarrassing. But I slowly unpacked my heavy emotional baggage under the tutelage of my soul sensei Rub. I dragged my negative self talk and desperately limiting beliefs out into the light and saw myself for the first time as a product of all these thoughts and ideas. I MADE myself. And I made myself into someone mediocre and very depressed. But Ruby showed me ways to make shifts in these negative perceptions. Slowly, I learned the difference between feeling abundant and feeling lack… between pretending not to care and actually forgiving myself and letting things go… between giving in to what everyone else wants and creating space for my inner voice to highlight what I actually want and need.

If you are ready to bring in the big guns; if you know you need a change; if you want something better and amazing for your life; if you want to get past the same old sad stories that hold you back and start a new healthy relationship with yourself: work with Ruby. She has beaten the devil off her own back. She doesn’t help people just as a 9-5 job: it’s her calling. Ruby offers her tools, time, intuition, and support every step of the way. It’s more than a best friend or a therapist could provide. Ruby is a COACH, cheering you on, building your strength, pushing you farther, and healing your soul’s injuries. I am lucky to have worked with her and so pleased to be in a better place today because of her.”

Lily Bravos (Former Rebooter & 3-Month Client)

“Put simply, Ruby Fremon was born to be a Coach. Each time I have been fortunate enough to be coached by Ruby, there are changes. Changes I didn’t expect on a conscious level but changes I knew I needed deeper down. Ruby is a great listener and really listens to what you say. Additionally, Ruby has a way of listening to what you’re not saying and getting to the real heart of the matter. I’m particularly impressed by how Ruby challenges you and helps move you forward during sessions, while doing so in a gentle and loving way. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like a firm push followed by a warm hug. And it’s exactly what I needed.

Ruby is genuine and honest and coaches from the very depths of her being. I would recommend Ruby to anyone looking for a Coach with heart.”

“I met Ruby at Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class in October of 2014. We instantly hit it off and made this amazing spiritual connection; as if our spirits knew each other for a very long time. On several occasions since we met, I have reached out to Ruby for coaching. Working with Ruby has been a godsend (or goddess-send). It’s like she was so connected to me that she instinctively knew exactly what to say, say it in a way that really resonated with me and motivate me to make the changes she suggested. Ruby provided me with the safest space to get raw and vulnerable with her, which is not an easy feat for me to accomplish. I never felt judged by her, only pure unconditional love and support no matter what I had to say. Her suggestions flowed seamlessly as if she had been doing this work for way longer than she has been. Words cannot describe the gratitude in my heart that I have someone in my life that is so loving and intuitive like Ruby. Ruby is truly one of the best in this field.”

“Prior to working with Ruby, I was lost and felt so stuck. I had hit my personal rock-bottom. Ruby taught me how to meet my higher self and become one with my inner voice, while breaking up with my inner-critic. She was able to pull out root issues from my subconscious which helped set me free from a lot of pain, and break free from my negative cycles. I have never felt this aligned before and I am grateful for it because real self-love has strengthened my core to the point of feeling unbreakable.

Ruby’s coaching style is based on owning your shit and making deep shifts. She never hesitated to call me out on bullshit (with a lot of love) and was really good at navigating through the process so that I could dig really deep. She comes from a raw and authentic place—something I wish other coaches did differently.

The alignment that I now feel has infused me with so much power and has provided me with the most invaluable tool for life. This is all because of Ruby’s guidance in shifting me to that place. I feel like my life has just started now, and the shifts are still happening.”

Harj T.

“Ruby has taught me how to maintain an amazing attitude and turn it into actionable steps to create positive change in all facets of my life. She keeps me accountable while feeling supported, helps me step outside my comfort zone and make sense of everything that is happening around me. Her approach with the Inner Tribe is the perfect balance between challenging and encouraging. I have full confidence in Ruby’s ability to help me through any situation I throw her way – professional, romantic, family, social, confidence, and health related. My happiness, confidence and gratitude have grown tenfold since I’ve been working with Ruby. I have gone from being miserable and confused to excited and optimistic about the future, all while having so much fun with life as it is today.”


“Ruby is an absolute Goddess! I received the elemental star spread reading with her and it was completely divine! Ruby has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable and connected which helps calm any nerves before you get started. She provides honest and sincere insight with relatable references to the cards. I felt this beautiful flow come through her during the session and I felt so attuned with Spirit and my own soul. It was a truly wonderful experience. Leaving the session, I felt more inspired and ready to unleash my goals. Deepest thanks for the enlightening session as I step further into my dreams! Ruby is a true earth angel.”

“Working with Ruby has been nothing short of a miracle for me. As a professional therapist and mother of three, I am constantly giving of myself to others and had lost sight of my own self-care. Ruby’s transformational coaching approach focuses a lot on self-love and it truly helped me reconnect to my spirit, balance my life, and realign my actions with my life’s primary intentions. After working with Ruby, I now have more time in the day to take care of myself and fill my own love tank, therefore also being able to give so much more to my children, family and clients. I am so blessed to have worked with Ruby and would recommend that you hire her as a coach one million times over. She is a true earth angel and light worker. How blessed I have been to receive her guidance in my own life.”

“The last few years, I have been on a journey to truly cultivate a relationship with self. Ruby’s teaching and communication style was a catalyst for learning more about me in a manner in which I could understand.

Through working with Ruby, I’ve learned to have more compassion for myself, to speak up for myself in situations that are not healthy for me, to challenge my inner-critic, and to own my sh*t. She keeps it real, has an awesome spirit, is easy to talk to, and communicates concepts in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Ruby is has a no-bullshit, supportive, and loving approach to tearing down the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from loving yourself, your life, and others fully and passionately.”

Kim R.