My Story

From a life chaos to a life of love...

The moment you realize you’ve created your whole life—the bad parts, the good parts, and the gray shades in between—is the moment everything changes. It’s the moment you get your magnetic, confident, and bold-as-fuck power back. It’s the moment you reframe your self-worth. And it’s the moment your future turns out better than your dreams.

I remember my own moment like it was yesterday…

If you want to know where you’re going, you have to remember where you’ve been. This is the story of what brought me here to you.

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.”

“Why me?”

I found myself singing this same familiar song as I sank into the deepest rock-bottom moment of my life in 2012. Nothing felt right. In fact, everything felt miserable. A cheating partner, crippling anxiety, destructive depression, and a deep addiction to drugs and alcohol… an addiction I failed to recognize.

As I lay there on the floor… sobbing, heaving… the truth finally dawned on me. I created this life. Every single choice that lead me to this rock-bottom moment, was a choice that I made. I chose the abusive relationships, the drugs, the alcohol, and the misery. I chose it all.

Why would a woman like me create such a negative reality for herself? For the same reason that anyone who’s ever accepted less than they deserve—because that’s what I told myself I was worth. No, not just told myself… I BELIEVED it on a deep, cellular level.

For years, these beliefs had flown under the radar. I blamed others for my story. I let self-destruction eat me alive. I turned to self-loathing, drugs, alcohol and destructive habits to cope instead of getting to the real root of the problem—my own internal way of thinking.

I let life be the boss, hoping that someday it would all shake out in my favor. Except, the same shitty things happened over and over—the emotionally abusive relationships with men, the friendships that collapsed, the cyclical health drama. And it’s no wonder. On the surface, it might look like I had changed things, but that was simply cosmetic. It was going to take a whole lot of mental scraping, spiritual releasing, pattern healing and self-love to clean up this mess.

I realized that if I had the power to create misery-inducing choices, I also had the power to create different choices. And I was ready to experience something different.

I began my journey right there and then by making a commitment to myself. … and it all began with self-love.

The journey wasn’t a straight-shot. I made a lot of mistakes and experienced a ton of setbacks due to my habit of poor decision making. I realized that my actions were based on my sense of self-worth, and I was determined more than ever to boost my worth. But that didn’t happen until I experienced a major step backward… I was high at an after-hours club and fainted. I ended up with a concussion, followed by post-concussion syndrome. I slipped into a manic-depressive state and was diagnosed with nerve damage in my brain. That was my wake-up call. I knew I couldn’t hide from myself or my pain anymore. I made the decision to go all in.

Fuck excuses. It’s time to rise up.

No more excuses. No more bullshit. No more half-assed attempts at changing my life. I committed to doing whatever the f*ck it took to design a life I truly loved.

I dropped the drugs. I let go of my toxic habits and friendships. I began to prioritize myself, my needs, and my health. And I soon found myself falling in love with an incredible, miracle of a man.

My entire life has changed. And I created this by tapping into my own power, realizing my worth, and radically boosting self-love.

Today, I dedicate my life to igniting others to tap into their true power; their limitless power. I’m a straight-up, bold and fearless coach with a dynamic no-bullshit approach that helps people create massive change. I get it now… I understand that every single experience in my life serves a higher purpose, and that purpose is to do the work that I do now.

I have zero regrets… only gratitude for the lessons that I’ve learned.


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The I AM Vibration

“Own your story.”

Why IAMRUBY? Because “I am” is empowering. It’s about owning your story and your actions. “I am” raises your vibrations because you are accepting all your experiences as your own. IAMRUBY was born out of a willingness to accept my life, my experiences, and my actions as my own. The self-empowerment has shifted me from being a victim of my life, to being the leader of my life. Now, I write my story and I own every experience that comes with it. I am Ruby.

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