The Inner Tribe

Enrollment reopens in Spring 2017.

A Sisterhood for Do-Whatever-It-Takes Women on a Mission To Elevate Their Lives

It’s clear. You’re in the right place. And it is no accident that you’re here.


You feel alone on this journey of expansion and growth.
You’ve dedicated yourself to improving your life, but it’s left you feeling a little isolated.
You seek support but you aren’t sure where to turn.
You’ve shifted your relationships and are in the process of letting go of people and experiences that don’t serve you, and it feels super scary.

It’s a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be.

You crave confidence and self-belief.

You ache for REAL connection.

You desire self-love.

You aspire to feel empowered.

And you seek the support of a Tribe to help you push through it all.


This is why you’re here.

The Inner Tribe is so much more than just a coaching program… it’s a sisterhood.

Inner Tribe is a safe space for women to experience the maximum potential of their personal growth. This is a space to expand and conquer all your demons with one-on-one AND group coaching while being supported by an intimate group of like-minded women.
This is the space where you will begin to manifest massive positive change.

It’s time. You crave change, and it’s time to manifest that change into reality.


At the end of this 1-year experience, you will…

  • Feel supported (TRULY supported) by a like-minded group of women.
  • Wake up happier every single day.
  • Gain the ability to release past traumas and wounds.
  • See what’s really on the other side of your fears (I promise you, it’s beautiful).
  • Say goodbye to your self-destructive patterns.
  • Experience a radical boost in confidence.
  • Experience the life-changing power of true sisterhood—women you can count on for love, support, and accountability.
  • Know how to integrate self-love into your daily life.
  • Be empowered, knowing you have the ability to create anything in your life.

What’s included?

  • Connection to your new tribe of like-minded women who are all on similar journeys of growth.
  • A customized coaching plan to help you reach your goals and embrace your true potential.
  • One 1-hour one-on-one breakthrough session with Ruby per month. These sessions are dedicated to your custom coaching journey – no cookie-cutter program here!
  • Two 1-hour group coaching sessions per month. These sessions serve as support to amplify your individual journeys. Each session will cover tips to help you create massive positive change and include time for Q & A where members can ask Ruby anything. 
  • One 1-hour expert masterclass session per month featuring incredible guest experts specialize in holistic well-being and empowerment.
  • Two live retreats per year.
  • Access to the private Inner Tribe Facebook group. This is where you will seek support from Ruby and other members, as well as check-in for accountability.
  • Surprise goodies like MP3’s, videos, and PDF worksheets!

Featuring Guest Experts Each Month

*Group sessions are hosted on Thursday evenings from 5pm PST to 6pm PST (recordings will be available in case you miss a session).

Your Investment:

$800 per month or $8,500 paid up-front for the full year.
*prices are in USD

The Inner Tribe is intended to be an intimate experience and as such, there are only 12 seats available for this intake. These seats are reserved for women who are ready to do whatever it takes to create massive positive change in their lives.

You must be prepared to:

Be 150% dedicated to the Inner Tribe program.
Authentically engage in the Tribe.
Provide sisterly support to your fellow Tribe members.
Take this program seriously. No slacking will be tolerated.

The success of this Tribe lays heavily on the commitment of each individual Tribe member. As such, I want only the most dedicated, driven, and motivated women on board.

Sound like you? Get on the waitlist for the Spring 2017 intake of the Inner Tribe.



Loving Reviews

“I signed up for the Inner Tribe because I was drawn to Ruby’s heart-centered approach with coaching and loved the sense of community that this program had to offer. So much has become possible in my life since the Inner Tribe… I’ve learned to embrace a completely different approach to leadership which has helped me with my business, and I’ve gained greater confidence in myself and my abilities.

I loved Ruby’s compassionate and authentic style of coaching, the topics we covered in our group coaching sessions, and the accountability I received in the program. I was truly surprised at the changes I was able to achieve in just 6 months! I definitely recommend the Inner Tribe to women who are struggling with blocks that are preventing them from reaching their goals. Ruby will help you connect your heart and your head, and gain clarity into your values, vision, and true capabilities as you go through this great transformation.”

Sarah H.

I joined the Inner Tribe to clean up my life, gain balance, and learn how to manifest the things I truly desired. Since completing the program, I’ve gained tools to help me conquer stress and overwhelm, and awareness to understand myself better. I feel more positive than ever before and those around me have noticed this shift. What I loved about working with Ruby was her energy and positivity. She displayed true confidence in me and always offered blunt honesty that helped me become more empowered. Ruby doesn’t hesitate to call you out on your bullshit, and she definitely makes you work for change. This process wasn’t easy, but the results were well worth it!