A 3-day experience to help you leap outside your comfort zone, amplify your mission and create a massive impact.

March 2-4, 2018 in Los Angeles

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Calling all thought-leaders and entrepreneurs with BIG purpose-driven missions… THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

Welcome to Amplified Soul LIVE with Ruby Fremon!

3-days that will act as the catalyst for you to reach your highest potential and step into elevated leadership.

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“Attending ASL in 2017 was one of the highlights of my year!

I knew going into the event that it would be awesome because Ruby brings a million percent to everything she does, but I actually didn’t realize the massive impact the event would have on me during and after I returned home. Ruby and her team thought of every detail to make ASL one of the most interactive, fun, transformative and truly soul riveting events out there. The passion and purpose that pours out of Ruby is incredible. She walks the talk and is truly authentic in her desire to help people elevate their lives and break through what has been holding them back.

I would recommend this event to anyone who is ready to step fully into their dream life and ramp up their soul driven purpose on this planet. I left the event pumped up and even further committed to my goals which launched me into finishing my book, growing my business and reinforcing my goals. You simply cannot leave this event unchanged for the absolute best.”

Iman Gatti
Empowerment Coach and Author of “Cracked Open – Never Broken”


“Amplified Soul Live radically shifted my life!

Ruby gave me the courage, the motivation, and the PUSH I needed to quit my 9-5. Less than 12 hours after I returned home from the event, I quit my FT job as a graphic designer and went FULL FORCE towards a life dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women with anxiety implement smart marketing strategies into their biz so they finally can gain the time for self-care while their business keeps THRIVING.

I can’t even begin to describe the praise I have for this woman, this event, this movement. I will most definitely be attending Amplified Soul Live 2018, and I hope you will too!”

Marissa Pane
Life Coach and Business Strategist for service-based entrepreneurial women with anxiety


Who is This Event For?

This event is for thought-leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to…

  • Break up with their limits and break through their invisible glass ceiling.
  • Level up and create a massive impact in our world.
  • Reach new horizons in life and business.
  • Experience more freedom and fulfillment.
  • Play a bigger game and step into the spotlight.

Who is This Event NOT For?

Those who aren’t ready to do whatever the fuck it takes to rise above their limits.
Those who aren’t ready to own their position as a leader.
Those who aren’t ready to play big with their mission.
Those who believe in money over purpose and impact.

Are you ready to put an end to your fear of judgment so you can show up bigger and bolder?

Are you ready to stop feeling like an imposter so you can own your purpose and your gifts?

Are you ready to shift crippling self-doubt into radical confidence?


Amplified Soul LIVE is a 3-day experience where you will meet people like you…

…Purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to shift the planet forward. You’ll create meaningful change, lifelong relationships and incredible memories in a powerful and uplifting environment that will act as the catalyst for the new, bold you.

You’ll Learn To…

Imagine being fearless in the pursuit of your vision.  Imagine rising up to your truest potential. Imagine taking action on the things you really fucking want. It’s all possible, and I’ll be sharing training and tools to help you make that happen.


The event will kick-off with a massive dose of reality as we’ll be diving deep into your biggest fears and most limiting beliefs. You’ll own your shit, and breakthrough all the bullshit that is holding you back so you can gain the confidence and freedom to move forward and play big. The first day is dedicated to unraveling from old patterns so you can reconnect to your soul and build a solid foundation that will help you bring your purpose to the world.  


This day is dedicated to rebuilding your life on a rock solid foundation. You will get real with what you want, unleash your biggest vision, and create a plan to put it all to action. You’ll gain the clarity you need to design a life and career that aligns with what your soul truly desires. Day two is about owning your role as the most powerful creator of your life. You will light the fire within you, connect to the meaning you’ve been seeking, and become unapologetically bold about your mission.


The event hits it’s most absolute climax on day three with a massive injection of empowerment. This is the day where you will learn how to break all barriers, step up and live outside your comfort zone. You will gain a radical dose of confidence that will put an end to settling for good. You will become the fearless leader you’ve been dreaming of becoming as you create a lifelong connection to the heart of who you are. This is the day where you will amplify your soul.

Special Guest Speakers

(more to be announced)

Cathleen Meredith

Creator of the body positivity movement, Fat Girls Dance

Cathleen Meredith is a playwright, novelist, blogstress, and movement-maker originally from Sacramento, California. In addition to completing her first novel, she is passionate about theatre, dance, Mexican food, non-profit work, unicorns, traveling, bacon, and all other things awesome sauce. Some of her plays include titles such as: Aunts, Forgotten, 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Man, The Infinites, and The Groomsman. The Truth of About Eve and Other Excuses for Neurotic Behavior in Your 20s is Cathleen’s first novel. It is Part I of a 3-Part series. The next novel in the series —I’m Obsessed with You and Other Irrevocable Text Messages — is currently in the works.
In August of 2016, she launched FATGIRLSDANCE (fatgirlsdance.com), fem-led online movement and social experiment towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance. It has gone viral. In May 2017 released a 3-minute film on the project with Dove Real Beauty Productions and Shonda Rhimes. When Cathleen is not writing, she’s actively working on changing the world. She is the Creative Innovation Designer at The Dream Center Harlem and a developer of several free performing arts programs such as Harlem’s first teen Shakespeare Festival in partnership with Classic Theatre of Harlem. She maintains a residence in New York City.

Performances By

Fat Girls Dance

Fat Girls Dance (FGD) is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance.

Fat Girls Dancing. Literally. Not just any dancing. Slaying some of the toughest choreography on the internet and in New York City. They successfully choreographed and posted a new dance every week for 1 year in 2016/2017. That’s 52 dances! They filmed it, put it online, and documented everything. And in May 2017, their movement was picked up by Dove Real Beauty Productions to release a 3-minute film with the one and only Shonda Rhimes.

They are not professional dancers. They are everyday women who represent everyday America who aim to show the world that Fat Girls CAN. Fat Girls DO. Fat Girls DANCE.


Hotel MdR

13480 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA

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Special room rates available for attendees.
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What People are Saying…

I loved how raw and unapologetic Ruby was because it opened the space for all of us to be that too! Ruby connected with the attendees at a deep level and offered a very special and unique formula and a way to get us to get it. The content was priceless!

Clarissa VizcainoOwner of Pink Ninja Fitness

I uncovered my limiting beliefs, their roots and how to PURGE them. I have a clear vision, and I've lighted a fire within. My life is radically different for the better!

Kari RicheyWellness Advocate

I absolutely loved everything! The content, the connection, the tribe building, the guest speakers, the dance parties, and the energy. It was truly an incredible breakthrough weekend for me!

Sunshine HeldstabTransformational Coach

“Amplified Soul Live was a “Fuck Yes” experience!

Ruby brought the energy, wisdom and love to ignite the entire room, allowing us to cut ties with bullshit excuses that held us back. I went in excited to meet Ruby in the flesh, and she did not disappoint, and neither did high caliber people who showed up to the event. The tribe and community was established from our first moments together, and it allowed the safe space to open up, share and do some major clearing. I left vibrating at a higher frequency and everything we covered during our weekend together took myself and my business to a whole new level.

This event is a MUST if you’re ready to stop holding yourself back, step into your power and to do some big fucking things in the world! Don’t question it, just say “FUCK YES”!!”

Lindsay Umlah
Holistic Health Coach and Founder of the “Loving Myself Loudly” movement


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