A 3-day experience that will help you shatter your limits and rise up to your true potential!

March 2-4, 2018 in Los Angeles

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Welcome to Amplified Soul LIVE with Ruby Fremon!

This is the event your soul has been yearning for… an event guaranteed to ignite your inner fire.

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Who is This Event For?

This event is for men and women on the path to empowerment. People who are seeking to break free from the shackles of their previous limitations so they can find the freedom to pursue the big thing they’ve been afraid to go after.

This is a must attend if you are on a journey of personal growth and expansion and you have a deep desire to take action and leap forward. This is the event that will help you get unstuck and launch in the direction of your dreams.

Who is This Event NOT For?

Those who aren’t ready to do whatever the f*ck it takes to change their life.
Those who aren’t ready to face their fears.
Those who aren’t ready to play big.

Are you ready to put an end to feelings of self-doubt so you can go after your dreams with ease?

Are you ready to heal core wounds and feel proud about yourself and your life?

Are you ready to stop feeling so alone on this journey and gain the support you’ve been craving?

Are you ready to leap into a life that excites you?

Amplified Soul LIVE is a 3-day experience where you will meet people like you…

…people with stories, wounds, and massive dreams. You’ll create lifelong relationships and incredible memories in a powerful and uplifting environment that will act as the catalyst for your new, empowered life; a life that you will feel incredibly proud of living.

You’ll Learn To…

Imagine being fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.  Imagine rising up to your truest potential. Imagine taking action on the things you really want. It’s all possible, and I’ll be sharing training and tools to help you make that happen.


The event will kick-off with a massive dose of reality as we’ll be diving deep into your biggest fears, lingering wounds, and the limitations that you’ve placed upon yourself. You’ll own your shit, and breakthrough all the bullshit that is holding you back so you can gain the confidence and freedom to move forward and play big. The first day is dedicated to unraveling from old patterns so you can reconnect to your soul and build a solid foundation upon which you’ll bring your dreams to life.


This day is dedicated to rebuilding your life on a rock solid foundation. You will get real with what you want, unleash your biggest dreams, and create a plan to put it all to action. You’ll gain the clarity you need to design a life that aligns with what your soul truly desires. Day two is about owning your role as the most powerful creator in your life. You will light the fire within you and connect to the meaning you’ve been seeking.


The event hits it’s most absolute climax on day three with a massive injection of empowerment. This is the day where you will learn how to unapologetically step up, and live outside your comfort zone. You will gain a radical dose of confidence that will put an end to settling for good. You will become the fearless leader you’ve been dreaming of becoming as you create a lifelong connection to the heart of who you are. This is the day where you will amplify your soul.

Musical Performances & Special Guest Speakers to be Announced!


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What People are Saying…

So much has become possible in my life since working with Ruby. I’ve learned to embrace a completely different approach to leadership which has helped me with my business, and I’ve gained greater confidence in myself and my abilities. Ruby will help you connect your heart and your head, and gain clarity into your values, vision, and true capabilities as you go through this great transformation.


Ruby saw straight into my soul with her neon flashlight and forced me to dig around and pull up truths buried so deeply, you’d need one of those fancy bobcat excavator tools and a psychic detective to find them.


If you are ready to bring in the big guns; if you know you need a change; if you want something better and amazing for your life; if you want to get past the same old sad stories that hold you back and start a new healthy relationship with yourself, work with Ruby. She has beaten the devil off her own back. She doesn't help people just as a 9-5 job: it's her calling. Ruby offers her tools, time, intuition, and support every step of the way. It's more than a best friend or a therapist could provide. Ruby is a COACH, cheering you on, building your strength, pushing you farther, and healing your soul's injuries.


After working with Ruby, my life completely changed. She opened my mind to a new way of seeing the world and empowered me to love and respect myself. I can now say that I am really happy. I have sincere appreciation and gratitude for the amazing life I live, I feel in control, and I am excited about the future.


Quite simply, working with Ruby has changed my life. Her authenticity shines bright, and I am constantly inspired by her. She helped me see that the power to make the shifts I was so desperate for was within me all along. Ruby is been the best kind of teacher. She turns your limiting beliefs and fearful thoughts on their heads and guides you to see the truths you have been overlooking. And she does it all with a loving style of encouragement and support.


Through working with Ruby, I’ve learned to have more compassion for myself, to speak up for myself in situations that are not healthy for me, to challenge my inner-critic, and to own my sh*t. She keeps it real, has an awesome spirit, is easy to talk to, and communicates concepts in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Ruby has a no-bullshit, supportive, and loving approach to tearing down the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from loving yourself, your life, and others fully and passionately.


Prior to working with Ruby, I was lost and felt so stuck. I had hit my personal rock-bottom. Ruby taught me how to meet my higher self and become one with my inner voice, while breaking up with my inner-critic. She was able to pull out root issues from my subconscious which helped set me free from a lot of pain, and break free from my negative cycles. Today I feel free and I am in a fully committed relationship with myself, I am working full time at a place that fits me, I have rebuilt the friendships that were meant to stay and said goodbye to a few that were meant to go. I have welcomed new friendships (thanks to the confidence) and have re-wired my mental state by stepping into my power.