A total belief breakthrough experience that will launch you into the life you desire.

This is an 8-week deep exploration of the true you that has been hiding beneath the bullshit all these years. An invitation for men and women to identify and breakthrough the beliefs that are holding you back from the life you are capable of living.

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[Enrollment for 2017 has ended. Click ‘FUCK YES’ to get on the waitlist for 2018.]



No more playing small.


Amplified Soul will launch you into your dream life.

Think of it this way… how on earth can you expect to reach those dreams if you’re still clinging onto beliefs that are keeping you small? YOU CAN’T. In order to rise up, you’ve got to let go of the bullshit.

It’s time to ignite your inner revolution.

A revolution that will push you to unravel from self-sabotaging patterns so you can reconnect to the truest part of you… your soul.

Your soul knows what it wants.

The answers are clear because your soul houses your truth. For years, you’ve repressed this piece of you, dismissing your deepest desires and biggest dreams because it feels easier to play small; it feels easier to settle. But you still feel it… you can still feel your soul yearning for all that it truly wishes to experience in this lifetime.

It’s time to unleash that part of you.
It’s time to rekindle the flame within you.
It’s time to amplify your soul.

Amplified Soul will help you detach from your bullshit beliefs and reconnect to your truth so you can gain the freedom to create the life you crave.

I know this because I’ve been through it.

For years, I repressed myself, my dreams and my desires because of fear and bullshit beliefs. I played super small for way too long and found myself in a life that was unlike anything I would ever want… yet there I was, living it.

Depression. Anxiety. Addiction. Self-harm. And a cycle of abusive relationships.
My soul was non-existent. As was my confidence.

But I changed. I put an end to playing the victim and took ownership of my life. Through this journey, I learned that I had way more power than I gave myself credit, and I know that this same amount of infinite power lies within you.

For years I felt helpless, hopeless and completely alone in my misery. I walked around with a smile on my face but felt so shattered inside. I never ever fathomed that my life could be so incredibly amazing, yet here I am waking up to this beautiful life I created. This is my WHY… I don’t want to see you feeling helpless, hopeless and alone in your misery. I want to help you connect to that infinite power within you.

I want to help you connect to your soul.

Amplified Soul is the system I used to completely change my life.
From settling for less to owning my worth
From feeling stuck to being in perpetual motion.
From playing small to shining my light.

Amplified Soul will offer you practical tools to help you positively impact all facets of your life… from relationships to career to personal empowerment.

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[Enrollment for 2017 has ended. Click ‘FUCK YES’ to get on the waitlist for 2018.]



*Only 20 seats available

When Sarah came to me, she was extremely unhappy with her corporate career.

She was earning a great salary but was unfulfilled and overworked. This had a negative impact on her emotional and physical health. After working with me, she confidently left her corporate job to pursue what she was most passionate about. Sarah is now happily living her purpose and creating great success with her work.

When Harj came to me, she was stuck at rock-bottom.

She found herself in a cycle of abuse, had no job, and had isolated herself from all her close relationships. Harj felt lost and completely shattered. After working with me, Harj now finds herself working a full time job at a place she loves, she’s rebuilt friendships that were meant to stay and built new, healthy friendships by owning her confidence, and she’s re-wired her mental state by stepping fully into her power. In her own words: “It literally feels like my brain is wired to be completely different than it once was.”  

When Tony came to me, he was stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships and self-sabotage.

He desperately wanted to create change so he could find the freedom to pursue his true purpose, but he was unclear on what he needed to do to break his old patterns. After working with me, Tony learned how to take full ownership for his behaviors and actions, and through that ownership, he gained the power to end his destructive cycles. Tony is now choosing healthy relationships while happily living his purpose and earning incredible success.


If you are ready to bring in the big guns; if you know you need a change; if you want something better and amazing for your life; if you want to get past the same old sad stories that hold you back and start a new healthy relationship with yourself, work with Ruby. She has beaten the devil off her own back. She doesn't help people just as a 9-5 job: it's her calling. Ruby offers her tools, time, intuition, and support every step of the way. It's more than a best friend or a therapist could provide. Ruby is a COACH, cheering you on, building your strength, pushing you farther, and healing your soul's injuries.


After working with Ruby, my life completely changed. She opened my mind to a new way of seeing the world and empowered me to love and respect myself. I can now say that I am really happy. I have sincere appreciation and gratitude for the amazing life I live, I feel in control, and I am excited about the future.


Quite simply, working with Ruby has changed my life. Her authenticity shines bright, and I am constantly inspired by her. She helped me see that the power to make the shifts I was so desperate for was within me all along. Ruby is been the best kind of teacher. She turns your limiting beliefs and fearful thoughts on their heads and guides you to see the truths you have been overlooking. And she does it all with a loving style of encouragement and support.


Through working with Ruby, I’ve learned to have more compassion for myself, to speak up for myself in situations that are not healthy for me, to challenge my inner-critic, and to own my sh*t. She keeps it real, has an awesome spirit, is easy to talk to, and communicates concepts in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Ruby has a no-bullshit, supportive, and loving approach to tearing down the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from loving yourself, your life, and others fully and passionately.


Prior to working with Ruby, I was lost and felt so stuck. I had hit my personal rock-bottom. Ruby taught me how to meet my higher self and become one with my inner voice, while breaking up with my inner-critic. She was able to pull out root issues from my subconscious which helped set me free from a lot of pain, and break free from my negative cycles. Today I feel free and I am in a fully committed relationship with myself, I am working full time at a place that fits me, I have rebuilt the friendships that were meant to stay and said goodbye to a few that were meant to go. I have welcomed new friendships (thanks to the confidence) and have re-wired my mental state by stepping into my power.


Since working with Ruby, I feel more in control of my life and I don’t limit myself anywhere as much. I know myself better, I appreciate myself more, I love myself more, and I feel like I deserve good things to happen in my life again. Working with Ruby was empowering. I was supported to delve deep and get to the root of any issues. I feel more connected to my soul, and I feel more connected to my life purpose and the contribution I am here to give. Ruby offers coaching for true empowerment and I’d recommend her services to anyone looking to take control of their life.


What if…

you could go after your deepest desires without feeling the weight of fear?
you could find the clarity you seek by taking the action you need to take?
you could find the confidence within you to do things without fear of judgment?
you could feel motivated to go after your dreams with ease?
you could put an end to settling for less?
What if?

The answer is limitless…

What’s included?

  • 8 x 75-minute weekly group coaching calls with live hot seat sessions
  • Exclusive access to the private Amplified Soul community
  • Exclusive Q+A sessions with Ruby
  • Bonus PDF worksheets, meditations, and more

At the end of this 8-week program, you will…

  • Gain the power to fight through any fear that comes between you and the things you want to pursue
  • Find freedom from the bullshit beliefs that have held you back and limited your potential
  • Create momentum in your life so you can launch forward in the direction of your dreams
  • Radically boost your confidence so you can play big in your life and your career
  • Experience a deeper and more loving connection to yourself so you can experience more love in your life

You’ll also receive a FREE ticket to the 3-day Amplified Soul LIVE event in sunny Los Angeles!

This is a totally immersive live experience that will wake you up to your limitless potential. 3 days of transformational real talk, raw connection, guest speakers and radical exercises that will move you into a state of ultimate empowerment.

March 10, 11, 12, 2017

Here’s a breakdown of the Amplified Soul program…

Week 1+2

We’ll kick things off by removing the filters and awakening you to the reality of your life. This is where you come to a place of pure acceptance so you can begin to detox from the patterns that no longer serve you.

Week 3+4

Dive deep into the truth behind your limiting beliefs so you can begin to unravel from the bullshit that’s holding you back. This unraveling process will bring you back to the depths of your soul so you can reconnect to your innermost truth, purpose, and desires.

Week 5+6

Inspired from the core of your soul, this is where you design and reprogram a new mindset; one that serves your true purpose. You’ll shift into a new way of thinking, speaking and action-taking that will launch you into the life you truly desire.

Week 7+8

Reconnected to your soul’s energy, this is the time in which you’ll begin to fully integrate this new way of living… living from the depths of your innermost self. You’ll learn how to effectively manage this energy while amplifying it so you can consistently create and attract experiences that light you up.

Your soul is yearning for your attention. It’s yearning to be free of the limits that are holding you back. Amplify your soul and break free of those limits for GOOD.

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