Breakthrough your bullshit, create clarity and take action on what you really fucking want.

Dear leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs…
The challenge is not your ability; the challenge is your willingness to be honest about what you truly want, and then having the balls to go after it.

This is an 8-week deep exploration that will provide you with the clarity and motivation you seek.

An invitation to identify and break through the bullshit beliefs that are holding you back from creating the impact you’re here to create.



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Motivation isn’t the problem; your lack of direction is the problem. And a lack of direction makes it far too easy to settle.

You’ve got to know what you want and be unapologetic about it so you can run after it with all that you’ve got.

No more playing small.

Amplified Soul will take you from a life of mediocrity to a life of meaning.

Think of it this way… how on earth can you expect to reach your greatness if you’re still clinging to bullshit beliefs that keep you small? YOU CAN’T. In order to rise up as a true leader, you’ve got to let go of your bullshit.

It’s time to ignite your inner revolution.

A revolution that will push you to unravel the patterns, beliefs, and habits that are holding you back from playing a bigger game and creating a bigger impact.

You know what you want.

For years, you’ve repressed this piece of you, dismissing your deepest purpose and biggest dreams because it feels easier to play small; it feels easier to settle. But you still feel it… you can still feel yourself yearning for more… to do more, to achieve more, and to be more.

It’s time to unleash that part of you.
It’s time to light that fire within you.
It’s time to amplify your soul.

“The Amplified Soul experience pushed me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow. When I started the program, I was scared to push through my fears. I was hesitant because I didn’t know if I could do it, or I was concerned about how others would perceive my actions.

The experience triggered so many overwhelming feelings from my inner bitch, but with the support from Ruby and the tribe I was able to push through.

I feel this program was the first step which acted as an introduction to manifesting my dreams. I’m ready to take the momentum I gained through the program and put it towards my next step.

Ruby is genuine, compassionate, honest, and truly wants her clients to succeed. The Amplified Soul program provided a good introduction and a framework for me to start making significant shifts in my life.”

Hasina J.

“When the opportunity for Amplified Soul came around, I knew I had to do it. I was in a really bad place, but Ruby’s messages spoke to me. Saying “Fuck Yes!” to Amplified Soul was the first time I had said yes to myself in years.

This program helped me love myself again, and find my inner power. Since the experience, everything has changed. I was surprised at just how much I actually changed! Ruby helps make shit happen! I’ve not only learned to embrace myself, but I’ve learned that I am not just a product of my environment, I am in control of my life, and I am no longer a victim… and that is liberating and empowering!

What people have to know about this program is that they have to put in the work to get the results. But throughout that process, Ruby will encourage you, guide you, and kick you in the butt. She’s raw, authentic, and transformative, and amazing to work with. An amazing experience!”

Michelle P.

Amplified Soul will offer you a much-needed reality-check that will help you identify and fill in the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

I know this because I’ve been through it.

For years, I repressed myself and my dreams because of fear and bullshit beliefs. I played super small for way too long and found myself in a life that was unlike anything I would ever want… yet there I was, living it, stuck in a cycle of mediocrity.

My soul was non-existent. As was my confidence.
I refrained from using my voice for fear of how I would be judged.
I hid my dreams from others for fear of what they would think.

But one day I had enough. I said “fuck it!” and created a commitment to change. I put an end to playing the victim and took full ownership of my life. Through this process, I learned that I had way more power than I gave myself credit, and I know that this same amount of infinite power lies within you.

I used to settle for mediocrity. I walked around with a smile on my face while feeling so fucked up on the inside. I never ever fathomed that my life could be so amazing, yet here I am waking up to this meaningful life that I created. This is my WHY… I don’t want to see you feeling as though you’re stuck in mediocrity. 

I want to help you breakthrough your bullshit, create clarity, and take action on what you really want.

Amplified Soul is the system I used to rise up as a leader.
From settling for less to owning my worth
From feeling stuck to being in perpetual motion.
From playing small to being bold as fuck.

Amplified Soul will offer you practical tools to help you shift into a life of purpose and meaning.

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*Only 20 seats available

When Sarah came to me, she was extremely unhappy with her corporate career.

She was earning a great salary but was unfulfilled and overworked. This had a negative impact on her emotional and physical health. After working with me, she confidently left her corporate job to pursue what she was most passionate about. Sarah is now happily living her purpose and creating great success with her work.

When Harj came to me, she was stuck at rock-bottom.

She found herself in a cycle of abuse, had no job, and had isolated herself from all her close relationships. Harj felt lost and completely shattered. After working with me, Harj now finds herself working a full time job at a place she loves, she’s rebuilt friendships that were meant to stay and built new, healthy friendships by owning her confidence, and she’s re-wired her mental state by stepping fully into her power. In her own words: “It literally feels like my brain is wired to be completely different than it once was.”  

When Tony came to me, he was stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships and self-sabotage.

He desperately wanted to create change so he could find the freedom to pursue his true purpose, but he was unclear on what he needed to do to break his old patterns. After working with me, Tony learned how to take full ownership for his behaviors and actions, and through that ownership, he gained the power to end his destructive cycles. Tony is now choosing healthy relationships while happily living his purpose and earning incredible success.

What if…

you could go after what you’ve been most afraid to go after without feeling the weight of fear?
you could find the clarity you desperately seek by taking the action you need to take?
you could find the confidence within you to do what you know you’re here to do without fear of judgment?
you could experience unshakeable motivation to go after your dreams with ease?
you could put an end to settling for less?
What if?

The answer is meaning.

What’s included?

  • 8 x 75-minute weekly group coaching calls with live hot seat sessions*
  • Exclusive access to the private Amplified Soul Facebook group
  • Exclusive Q+A sessions with Ruby
  • PDF workbook

At the end of this 8-week program, you will…

  • Gain the power to fight through any fear that comes between you and the things you know you’re here to do
  • Find freedom from the bullshit beliefs that have held you back and limited your potential
  • Create momentum in your life so you can launch forward in a meaningful direction
  • Radically boost your confidence so you can play big and bold as fuck in your life and career
  • Experience a deeper level of self-awareness so you can shift from focusing on your problems to creating solutions
*weekly calls take place at 5:00pm PST on Wednesday evenings, beginning the week of January 8th, 2018

You’ll also receive 2 FREE tickets* to the 3-day Amplified Soul LIVE event in sunny Los Angeles!

This is a totally immersive live experience that will wake you up to your limitless potential. 3 days of transformational real talk, raw connection, guest speakers and radical exercises that will move you into a state of ultimate empowerment and leadership.

March 2, 3, 4, 2017

*2 tickets are valued at $800

Here’s a breakdown of the Amplified Soul program…

Week 1+2

We’ll kick things off by removing the filters so you can get real about your life. This is where you come to a place of pure acceptance so you can begin to detox from the patterns that don’t serve you.

Week 3+4

Identify and unravel from the bullshit that’s holding you hostage in a state of mediocrity. And Design and reprogram a new mindset; one that serves you in the direction that you want to go.

Week 5+6

Redesign your life, both personally and professionally. Identify your “WHY” and create a plan of action. You’ll gain clarity on where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there.

Week 7+8

Integrate what you’ve learned and set yourself up for success. You’ll learn how to effectively manage and amplify your energy so you can consistently create and attract meaningful experiences and opportunities that light your soul on fire.

Fuck mediocrity.
It’s time to breakthrough your bullshit, create clarity and take action on what you really want.

The Amplified Soul program kicks off January 8th, 2018.
(Enrollment CLOSES November 30th, 2017)

“Working with Ruby gave me the support and courage to take a look at my life and realize what needed to change.

I had always had big dreams and goals, but I often sabotaged myself and found myself stuck in the same cycles. Ruby provided a framework to help work through my roadblocks and create space for amazing things to happen.

I feel like I am more centered now that I have a roadmap to refer to when I feel stuck. I have practices and habits in place that support my life in a healthy way and I feel like I am moving forward. Working with Ruby was an investment that was so worth it, I’ve experienced so much growth since taking part in her program.”

Safiya Bouhouch

“Before Amplified Soul, I’d been on a quest for personal development and self-discovery but felt stuck and alone. Something was missing, and I needed more. That’s when I discovered Ruby and was inspired by her humbling, honest, “no bullshit” approach and joined the Amplified Soul Group Program. Not only was the program a platform to connect, grow and learn, but it was also provided a community of like-minded people; I no longer felt alone. Being open, vulnerable and trusting, allowed me to create new friendships and connections, this is exactly what I needed!

The support and encouragement of Ruby and the group empowered me to take charge, and I began to build a new sense of confidence and push past my barriers and redefine who I am in a way that better serves me in all areas of my life.

Ruby and Amplified Soul have changed my life!”

Rachel Brooks

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